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Everyone knows that feeling of disappointment of going to see a show that just doesn't live up to its billing, often despite critics giving it rave reviews. is a new website giving you the opportunity to rant or rave about the last show you went to see and, more importantly, to see what other people have to say about shows you may be thinking of seeing next; your views will be able to influence other people's choice of show. Wasthatgood allows you to quickly and easily see simple, overall scores for each currently running theatre show across London; their review system, called the Thumbometer, allows you to rate a show from -5 to +5 giving a far more satisfying and accurate way of expressing your, and learning of others, views. Best of all, wasthatgood is a truly independent site not affiliated to any theatres, bodies or critics and it always makes reviewers give reasons for their reviews, knowing why a show is good or bad will ensure that you make the best-informed choice for your next viewing experience. covers currently running shows across many London theatres offers a comprehensive, ever-expanding list of London theatres so that you can easily see which shows are going on where and check out their reviews before debating which ones to visit. If you are considering going to see a particular show, Wasthatgood also provides listings of shows, where they are being shown throughout London and a Thumbometer rating of their reviews; plus the number of reviews each show has received to give a better overall indication of their public perception. So, if you're looking for an honest, independent and wide range of reviews by fellow theatre-goers, is the review site for you!