Hairstyles for Women over 50 with Fragile and Brittle Hair

With the course of time, lots of women notice how their body and health changes. No matter how they are trying, aging is a natural and inevitable process. However, it does not imply that a woman has no influence on the way she looks.

First of all, after 40, skin and hair care is more demanding than at the age of 30. Thus, the earlier a woman start to use appropriate and correctly selected cosmetics, the better she will look when she turns 50. Although, hair may lose its strength no matter what a woman has done for its health.

Those who come up against the problem of dry and brittle hair shall start with selecting proper cosmetics for hair care. It is advised to ask a hair stylist to assist. Besides, hair shall be regularly cut so that to get rid of the tips which are dry and lifeless. Although, all the procedures related to hair care shall not be stopped. Earlier or later, the results will be noticed.

Four Best Haircuts for Brittle Hair

It is reasonable to give preference to the styles for a short length. When the condition of hair facilitates, it will be possible to grow longer hair.

  1. Pixie is one of the shortest haircuts which is chosen by brave women. The strands of hair have diverse length. In combination with the dye, the volume can be ensured in the places where it is needed to emphasize the most advantageous facial features.
  2. Blunt bob is a haircut which requires minimum care every morning. Its owner may need to straighten hair, and that is it. Though, with fragile hair, it is obligatory not to forget about thermal protection while using straighteners or curling tongs.
  3. Garson was previously considered as a haircut for men. Though, with time, it has changed. These days, the length is gradually changing from short to long. Besides, it has various ways of setting. it can be messy or elegantly combed, depending on the occasion and wish. The bravest ones may try this hairdo without dying hair. Greyness may look stylish if arranged in a smart and trendy way.
  4. Cascade is a graduated haircut which visually makes a long face look smaller. Besides, the volume is ensured making this hairstyle impeccably fitting for fragile and devastated hair. Thin hair becomes obedient, thus, it is easy to arrange it every day.

Even if the time has spoilt the state of hair, it is not the reason for despair. With a properly selected hairstyle and means of care, every woman may achieve the brightness and health of her hair.