Hollywood Hairstyles for 50+ Women: The Choice of Fashion Icons

hair photoAs time goes by, the color, density, and texture of hair changes. Greyness may appear at any age. However, after 50, grey hair dominates. There is nothing to be feared of, in particular, in the present times when the variety of cosmetics for hair care, as well as dyes, may help to keep it in a fantastic condition.

After 50, the first thing to take care of is the state and health of hair. It is generally recommended to include the rituals of hair care in everyday routine. Special conditioner to humidify it, as well as special cosmetics selected by a professional hairdresser, will help to eliminate the problem of dry and fragile hair. Besides, hair tips shall be regularly cut, at least once in two months.

If hair looks healthy and shining, this is half of the way to a stunning look, one may check here how gorgeous women after 50 are. Besides, the worldwide acknowledged stars from Hollywood prove that age is not the reason for being sad or looking old.

The Hairstyles from the Hollywood

  1. Laura Leighton, the star of Melrose Place, fascinates her fans with her trendy look which is quite easy to be done. Her hair of medium length is set with the help of mousse, a straightener, and curling tongs. Near the roots, hair is even and well-set, while the tips are curled, with a little amount of gel applied. As a result, her look is stunning, it can be viewed on the site. And not more than 20 minutes were spent to arrange her hair.
  2. Nicole Kidman is the blonde known across the globe. She has been insignificantly experimenting with her hairdo. Though, mostly she has given preference to blonde hair until the shoulder or a bit longer. Recently, she is appearing with a side parting. Her hair can be elegantly curled, the volume is added. Alternatively, a bun at the back of the head can be arranged.
  3. Cate Blanchett gives preference to a short length of hair which is arranged in different manners. Checking the link, one may find her trendy looks. She has been arranging bangs in various ways: straight or side.
  4. Diane Keaton is more than 65 years old. However, no one can believe in this figure. There, one may see how smartly she has selected her hairdo. The length of hair reaches her shoulders. Some of the locks are lighted, while a messy and voluminous arrangement of hair helps to hide and distract attention from greyness and wrinkles on her face.
  5. Sharon Stone is the icon of an alluring and sexy woman for millions of men. Several years ago, she gave preference to a short-cut multi-layered bob which highlighted the beauty of her face. Who could guess how old she is? Yeah, the answer is obvious.

Nowadays, there multiple ways to hide the age and to put an emphasis on the main advantages of the face. Due to cosmetics and various hair care, a woman can look stunning at each age. Despite the real date of birth, no one will guess the real age. Undoubtedly, it requires the time to be spent on self-care. However, it is definitely worth it.