Three Haircuts for Blondes over Fifty

When a woman starts reaching the age which is not asked about, her previous hairdo seems inappropriate. Sometimes, facial flaws and wrinkles become more visible and noticeable. Besides, the form of the face, as well as the shape of the body, are changing. Thus, it is time to think about a fitting style for hair.

Undoubtedly, age affects the state of the skin and hair. They are drier than they used to be. This is one of the biggest problems. Thus, the main goal is to keep hair and the skin under it humidified enough so that hair looks healthy and bright. This is the only condition for a selected hairstyle to fulfill its main function – hiding the age and highlighting advantages.

Essential Tips on How to Select a Haircut after 50

  • It is mistakenly believed that short cut hair makes face look younger. On the opposite, with a short length of hair, wrinkles and flaws on the face can be highlighted. So, a medium length is to be on the list.
  • It is recommended to ask a professional to select cosmetics for care and maintaining hair in a healthy condition. If the problem with hair loss exists, do not waste time and visit a trichologist.
  • Blong and light colors are better to be chosen. Due to this hair dye, the skin looks smooth and the color of eyes is highlighted. Thus, a blonde may distract at least five years from her age.
  • After hair is cut, it is required to regularly visit a hairdresser to keep it in order. With due care only, the hair will look in an attractive and healthy way.

Hairstyles for 50+ Blondes

  1. Classic graduated bob is one of the most stylish and brave options for women over 50. In the first place, this haircut is so popular among the young that it may seem inappropriate at the age of 50. On the contrary, just imagine how stunned your school friend will be. Besides, the chin and cheekbones will be beneficially highlighted. Meanwhile, this hairdo does not require too much time to take care of.
  2. A pixie haircut is another style beloved by the young. Many women over 50 have tried this image. Besides, this is a hairdo which looks gorgeous not only with blonde. Nutbrown hair is perfectly suitable for this style. It will reduce the age by at least seven years and add sexuality to the look of a woman.
  3. Classic blunt bob which will add charm and charisma to a woman with this stylish haircut. The reason why people call it classic is that it has been in fashion for several decades already and even teenagers like this hairstyle. A woman over 50 may find this length convenient to take care of. Besides, hair can be collected in a bun for a special occasion.

There is no need to be afraid of experiments after 50. Life is undoubtedly bright. Style and look shall be no less bright. Choose a hairstyle you have always wanted and take your courage in both hands – be attractive and sexy!